The Places Your Feet Can Take You

My host family

My host family

Spanish school already came and went.  The week of school was great, I learned a lot and met some really fantastic people.  My host family was incredible!  In the house were my 2 host parents, Mariela and Jose Luis, and 2 other students, 1 from the States and 1 from Switzerland.  Every night the 5 of us laughed the whole way through dinner; the week was wonderful and I feel so lucky to have had such a good host family experience.  Jose Luis and Mariela are incredibly warm and kind people and I will miss them dearly.

On Saturday, the 2 other students and I went to bike the Circuito Chico, which is a loop you can bike around the lakes in Bariloche.  Unfortunately, we got rained out, so we hiked a short trail called Campanario.  The view from the top was beautiful and there was even a cafe at the top!  The bus ride back was an experience in itself; the bus was incredibly full and the bus drivers here are insane.

The next day, I packed up all of my backpacking necessities and headed to an area called Refugio Frey to meet up with 2 girls from the Spanish school.  The hike in is only about 4 hours, but the views are insane and the Frey is gorgeous!  The wind is crazy in Patagonia, so setting up your tent well is really important.  All over the hikes in Argentina, there are these little cabins called Refugios.  If you want to pay, you can sleep in the refugio and buy meals there, but if not, you can camp and hang out inside for warmth.  Being that I wanted to save money, I tented it, but I payed for my necessities: coffee and wine.  The Refugio Frey sits on a lake surrounded by mountains and the vibe at the refugio is so cool; it’s very cozy and warm and easy to meet and make new friends.  During my 3 days/2 nights there, I decided I’ve found my calling and I must work at the refugio!  I told the guys who work there this and they laughed and told me I’ll have to clean the bathrooms and build walls, to which I said “okay!”  So next year, you can find me at the refugio, because whether they hire me or not, I’m going to work there.

As for now, I’m going to hang out in Bariloche for several more days and then I’m heading to a hippie town called El Bolson at the end of the weekend to volunteer on a farm.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have no device to get them online at the moment.  Until next post!


3 thoughts on “The Places Your Feet Can Take You

  1. Karin

    Even w/out photos I feel a bit like I was there, too! Sounds fantastic; am glad to hear it & esp the excitement that comes through. Keep it up, badass! ME

  2. L. Kahn

    I finally remembered to click in and catch up! By now you are probably deep in your hippie town acting the part, pero en espanol! ENJOY every minute of your adventure.
    Cousin Linda (and Larry too!!)


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