El Mundo is Muy Pequeno

The parilla at Juan´s

The parilla at Juan´s


Mt. Fitz Roy and my mind being blown

Mt. Fitz Roy and my mind being blown

2 weeks at the farm was magnificent!  I learned a bit more about building with adobe and got to pick plums from the tree and pick up horse poop for maneur (there were way too many puns to be had with that one).  Working at the farm definitely sparked my interest in gardening and permaculture.  I really enjoyed hanging out and working with the other 6 volunteers and it was definitely sad to say goodbye to them.  I had 20 + hour bus ride to El Chalten, and on the bus, who hops on, but the girl, Amy, I went backpacking with in Bariloche!  It was great!  Along with this crazy coincidence, about 4 hours away from El CHalten, a window on the bus shattered, and what did the bus drivers do?  Not much!  It was pretty funny.

I was advised on a great and cheap place to camp In El Chalten, so once there, I made my way to Juan´s house, knocked on his door, and camped in his yard, as well as tried my best to speak with him and his family in Spanish.  The next day I met up with someone to go climbing and then ran into a guy, Charlie, from the bus and we decided to go backpacking together.  The backpacking was incredible!  Fitz Roy is unbelievable, I had trouble taking my eyes off of it.  When we got to our campsite, as we were setting up our tents, who shows up?  Amy and her boyfriend of course!  El mundo es muy pequeno.  Charlie and I spent 3 days, 2 nights up there, including a long day hike, and then I went back to town.

When I got back to Juan´s house, I told him I was going to get a ticket to Puerto Natales for the next day, and he told me that his sister and brother-in-law were driving there the next day and I could probably ride with them.  I had to clarify in Spanish about 5 times to make sure I was hearing him correctly!  That night, I met 3 other people from the US who were also staying at Juan´s and it turns out that 1 of them used to live in Salt Lake and we have several mutual friends. We had a huge feast called a Parilla, which is a type of Argentine barbeque, and it is quite the production.  I have never seen so much meat in my life.  It was such a fun evening, with food, great company, laughter, and hilarious dancing.  It was such an authentic experience and the perfect way to leave Argentina.

The next day I left with Mario and Maria for Puerto Natales, which was an adventure in itself because they only speak Spanish, and my Spanish is still only so so.  And of course… as I was walking down the street to get groceries, who do I see? Of course Amy and he boyfriend!  How crazy.  Tomorrow I head out for a 6 day backpacking trip and am super excited!


2 thoughts on “El Mundo is Muy Pequeno

  1. Shannon

    How amazing! Juan’s place sounds great! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time there. I am so excited for your next steps on this trip! Miss you mi amor! besos y besos ❤

  2. Ruth Hirsch

    Dearest Elana,

    Glad you started blogging. This sounds so so so great. what a perfect on-going adventure.
    Love all the Synchronicity. Something we share!
    It looks and sounds so beautiful there.

    ‘Our’ Annie Rose has been living in New Paltz. She came up and spent much of the day with us. Had dessert at Lucky Chocolates (forced ourselves.) It is so cool. She’ll likely come back for CoHousing dinner tomorrow. She’s done Woofing and was working reaching in an organic farm camp.
    keep writing when it works, have a wonderful wonderful time,
    much love,
    A Ruth for R & S


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